As the Seller, you play an important role in the timely sale of your property.
Below are helpful tips to aid you in preparing your property for sale:

  • Make a Good First Impression: A fresh coat of paint where needed is always a good start.
  • Remove Personal Items: Potential buyers may have a hard time seeing themselves in a property with all of your personal memorabilia or photos.
  • De-Clutter: Remember potential buyers are always looking for an open spacious feel.
  • Let the Sun Shine In: Open the drapes or blinds.  Make the property look bright and airy.
  • De-Pet: If you have pets, have the carpets cleaned, and keep the animals clean.
  • Make your Bathrooms Sparkle: Bathrooms sell homes, so let them shine.
  • Check the Lighting Fixtures: Be sure all the light bulbs are working.
  • Clean, Clean, Clean: Nothing makes a home more inviting than a clean one.
  • Show Off Your Kitchen and Counter Space: Put away many of those household appliances that we all love to showcase on our counters.
  • Have an inviting Entry: There’s nothing better than an inviting entry. It sets the stage for what they will walk into.
  • Imagine Yourself As The Buyer: What are you expecting to see?

It is crucial that you are prepared to make that first impression a lasting one!

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